Under my feet flooring choices for commercial spaces

When you are building or renovating your commercial space, don’t overlook the flooring. Choosing a functional material is key for an office but don’t forget maintenance and cleaning. We’ll start with a listing of different types of businesses and possible flooring choices. From each of these choices, we’ll discuss the advantages and drawbacks of the particular selection.

Quiet Spaces: Examples include hotels and offices. For example, if you visit a psychiatrist’s office, it needs to be quiet.
Carpet or carpet tiles are the best choice because they provide comfort for guests and patients but also insulate from loud noises.
Advantages: It’s comfortable, there are lots of options, it provides insulation, and people are less prone to slip and fall.
Disadvantages: If you don’t meticulously clean it, it will look dingy in a hurry and it absorbs odours and dirt along with sound.
Loud/Active Spaces: Examples include any kind of manufacturing business, retail, and hospitals. Think of places where privacy and quiet are afterthoughts.
Vinyl floors, rather than concrete floors, work best here.
Advantages: Vinyl flooring is resilient and resistant to damage, including dents and scratches. It’s inexpensive, can be installed over an existing floor, and it’s easy to clean.
Disadvantages: It’s made with some amounts of PVC that emits VOC, Volatile Organic Compounds. If you intend to sell the space or rent it to another business, it needs to suit their needs and vinyl can be a pain to remove.
Somewhere in the middle – One example that comes to mind are restaurants. If it is a high end, fine dining kind of place, it needs to be quiet. But if it is fast casual, it could be quiet but doesn’t have to be. Many fine dining restaurants use window coverings and tablecloths to absorb sound whereas fast casual places keep the food in front of diners and preparation noise is front and centre (Chipotle, for example)
Some fine dining restaurants opt for carpet, but they could also use hardwood or composite flooring and look for other ways to decrease sound such as acoustical tile on the ceilings. Fast casual restaurants use a lot of concrete flooring.
Advantages of hardwood flooring: Easy to clean, looks sleek, relatively durable, most buyers like hardwood over carpet, and it will never go out of style.
Cons of hardwood flooring: It can be scratched if you have to move tables or if your guests wear certain footwear (think hardwood and dark coloured sneakers or high heels)
Advantages of concrete flooring: Easy to maintain, environmentally friendly since most sub-flooring is already concrete so you’re not bringing in another material, and it’s long lasting.
Cons of concrete flooring: This is not a DIY job. You’ll need to hire a professional to install and seal. Concrete does not retain heat very well, so your heating bill may rise. Concrete and comfort both start with ‘Co’ but they are strangers to each other.

Avoiding Bad Contractors

PLEASE be careful about whom you hire to do repairs to your project. There are a lot of unlicensed and/or uninsured “contractors” in the area who have no regard for the safety and well-being of your family and your property. They will take your money, do a half-baked job and disappear. They will show you a city license but not a contractor’s license, or they will show you someone else’s contractor’s license that’s not theirs. They will say they are insured and give you a photocopied insurance certificate when in actuality they have already cancelled the policy, so you and your property are NOT protected! A lot of these guys are simply unemployed former construction labourers; they are not true businessmen, they do not have the knowledge, experience or ethics to run a business, and yet they are being let into thousands of peoples’ homes all over!
There is very little legal recourse if you get ripped off. Even if you successfully sue, it will cost you alot to do so, and the “contractor” will simply file bankruptcy and bail out, leaving you with nothing. Then they can open up shop under a new business name and start all over again!
We get calls all the time from desperate home-owners, asking us to fix a terrible situation that was caused by the rock-bottom contractor they previously used. Now they have to spend more money for us to do the job right.
You don’t have to worry about being a victim of an incompetent “contractor” if you call us first!
We are Sahihi interior design Contractors, a NCA 4 licensed and insured contractor with 5 years experience. We do roofing, remodelling and new construction. Excellent work, fair prices that accurately reflect the quality of materials and skilled labor that we provide. We have REAL references (not fake references from family and friends) and are frequently Awarded great job e.g. Woolworth,Al-Jazeera, Kone e.t.c. for publications because of our strong reputation Giving you “Signature work done” Sahihi Means Signature. Please call us. We are always happy to help you. Your Desired service our number one priority.

Not Just Flooring, Functional Art

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Using ceramic tile, luxury vinyl tile, rubber flooring and the talents and expertise of several skilled flooring professionals, Sahihi Contractors installs flooring works.

Accuracy Matters

The Sahihi Team work tirelessly to incorporate modern design, functionality and safety into the finished product while remaining true to the company’s mission of exceeding the client’s expectations.
Working with Corporate and Commercial facilities in general, the quality of the finished product is so important. Not only does it need to be aesthetically pleasing, it has to be easy to clean, it needs to be durable and it needs to last. For this type of job,Sahihi Directors Mr Njoroge Njihia and Henry Wairiri, Have tapped an expert welder to ensure that every corner of every room is heat welded to ensure a tight and precise fit.